iVendi brings finance comparator to platform

iVendi has updated its dealer platform to bring in an in-showroom finance comparator.

iVendi brings finance comparator to platform

James Tew, chief executive officer of iVendi said: “As part of the showroom process, the sales person can sit down with the customer and use the comparator to look at a range of different finance products and offerings for those with varying risk appetites.

“It provides a very structured, convenient and FCA-compliant way of presenting motor finance and is so intuitive that the sales person can even leave the customer to decide on their own preferred finance solutions.”

According to Tew, online motor finance has outstripped showroom systems over the past two years, with the new platform aiming to bring the two back into line.

He said: “The comparator included in the latest generation of the platform is designed to bring all of the advantages of an online motor finance offering into a real world sales environment.”

Another new feature on the platform is the ability to automatically aggregate all types of online and showroom enquiries against a prospective customer and record all the quotations presented against each vehicle.