Bango expands mobile payments deal with Microsoft

Mobile payments firm Bango has extended its partnership with Microsoft to deliver carrier-billed payments across Windows 10 devices.

Bango expands mobile payments deal with Microsoft

This deal will enable all Windows Store customers to charge payments to the user’s phone bills.

Through this partnership, customers running Windows 10 on a PC or tablet can now buy digital content by charging the costs to their mobile phone bill.

Bango said it is collaborating with its raft of mobile operator partners and Microsoft to ensure this payment method would be available as widely as possible.

The company added that each network operator’s availability will be announced as they are launched throughout January.

According to Bango, operators will benefit from Bango Boost technology, which analyzes and benchmarks a wide range of KPIs that grow payments success rates from carrier billing.

Bango CEO Ray Anderson said: “We have enjoyed our collaboration with Microsoft for the Windows Store, so it is a major milestone that Microsoft is now adopting this payment method across Windows 10. Operators using the Bango Payment Platform will get to market quickly and can then use Bango technology to maximize their Windows 10 revenue.”

Windows Store general manager Todd Brix said: “This addition to Windows 10 presents a new opportunity for app and game developers to reach millions of unbanked or under-banked consumers by enabling them to easily bill content to their existing mobile operator accounts.”