IRESS launches enhanced Adviser Office tools

IRESS has introduced latest enhancements to its Adviser Office solution

Australian financial software company IRESS has introduced latest enhancements to its Adviser Office solution, which helps advisors in providing a better customer experience for their clients.

The version 11.2 of the Adviser Office solution will enable advisers to consistently monitor their own proposition to ensure Service Level Agreements are being met and highlight any process development requirements that may need some attention, the company said.

The new module can track what services firms say they will provide to their clients and compare this to what they carry out.

The module also include a simple traffic light system, which offers task by task detail to demonstrate why any task was not completed.

The latest version also includes over 100 changes and enhancements, including an extension of Adviser Office’s tax function, the company added.

The tax function will allow adviser firms to account for the prospect of different tax levels in Scotland than in England and Wales following devolved Scottish tax decision-making in April.

As part of the upgrade, the Data Cleanse module has been enhanced with the addition of new tests so that users can not only clean their data, but also identify any poor or missing data.

IRESS executive general manager (product) Andrew Simon said: “As we enter 2016, ongoing investment in all of our technology solutions remains at the forefront of our business strategy. These enhancements to Adviser Office will ensure our clients have an up-to-date, compliant solution and crucially that they keep ahead of industry developments.

“All of this will support advisers in providing their clients with the best outcomes and customer experience, as efficiently as possible. The new Service Propositions Module helps advisers demonstrate, to both the consumer and regulator, the ongoing client service they are providing, as well as their compliance with regulatory demands.”