Advisor Software introduces new white-label robo advisory platform

Advisor Software has introduced a new white-label robo advisory platform

Advisor Software, a US-based provider of wealth management cloud platforms for financial advisors, has introduced a new white-label robo advisory platform that will allow financial advisors to enter the automated digital advice marketplace.

The new platform, called ASI Digital Advisor, will contain a lead-generation component that can be deployed by an advisory firm’s website, and a fully mobile-responsive investor portal from which clients can monitor their investments from any web-enabled device.

The solution for onboarding and managing investment advice clients will enable advisory firms to customize various aspects of the client experience, including branding, investment products, and a goal or risk based approach to model selection.

Using this platform, advisors can also create multiple financial goals, track goal progress, and run Monte Carlo simulations on their portfolios.

Additionally, advisors can also customize client-profiling questionnaires and scoring rules, and utilize their own capital market assumptions.

The company in a statement said that the application’s integration with DocuSign will offer advisors the option to offer additional functionalities such as the ability to e-sign account-opening paperwork.

Advisor Software vice president of product management Kevin Kraus said: “ASI Digital Advisor is built on top of our unique ASI Wealth Management Cloud platform.”

Advisor Software chairman and CEO Andrew Rudd said: “With our solution, advisors can easily modernize the user experience for their clients without having to alter the way they do business.”