Patientco introduces new payment platform for RCM vendors

Patientco, a US-based healthcare payment technology company, has introduced a new payment platform for revenue cycle vendors.

Patientco introduces new payment platform for RCM vendors

Dubbed as Patientco Payments Hub, the platform integrates with existing RCM vendor technology and enhances the payment processing and settlement value that RCM vendors bring to their provider clients.

The Payments Hub offers RCM vendors with key features such as processing of all payment types, automated reconciliation with guaranteed accuracy, easy and fast implementation, improved payment efficiency and optimization, reduced PCI scope and HIPAA compliance.

Patientco co-founder and vice president of product development Joshua Silver said: “Patientco Payments Hub offers a solution to this, with the platform built specifically for RCM vendors looking to add payment technology to their solution without the burden of managing the complexities, security, and regulations that go along with payments.”

Patientco co-founder and CEO Bird Blitch said: “With Patientco Payments Hub, we’re partnering with leading revenue cycle vendors to improve the payment process from start to finish, increasing value for both the RCM vendors and their clients.”