Barclays partners with BlackBerry to bring BBM to Pingit mobile payments

Barclays has partnered with BlackBerry to integrate its money transferring app Pingit into latter's BBM messaging system.

Barclays partners with BlackBerry to bring BBM to Pingit mobile payments

User can initiate a money transfer directly from within a BBM conversation similarly as they send a photo or sticker to a BBM contact once he/she add their BBM ID as a linked ID within Pingit, BlackBerry said.

The receiver will get a money transfer notification during their BBM conversation, and will then be prompted to enter their secure password to authorise the transaction.

Receiver will also receive a BBM notification from the sender to confirm when the payment has been processed in the receiver’s Pingit account.

Pingit will be available to all users with a UK bank account as well as all businesses with a Barclays account.

Pingit currently has over 2.9 million registered users, and more than 68,000 businesses have signed up to use the service

The BBM-enabled Pingit app is currently available as a free download for Android and iOS devices.

Barclays managing director for Pingit Darren Foulds said: “BBM delivers real convenience for our customers sending or receiving money through the Pingit app.

“Customers want to be able to make payments quickly , easily and safely, and by creating the option for funds to be transferred from within BBM conversations, we’re allowing Pingit to make the payments process simpler for even more people.”

BlackBerry SVP, BBM Matthew Talbot said: “Exchange money was a logical extension, whether it’s paying back someone during a BBM chat or buying something from a BBM Ad – and another great example of how BBM successfully brings chat, social and commerce together.”