Visa Checkout debuts in Malaysia

Visa has launched its online payment service Visa Checkout in Malaysia to simplify online purchases.

Visa Checkout debuts in Malaysia

Visa Checkout stores a customer’s billing and shipping data, and uses a username and password rather than a credit card number as authentication.

Since its introduction in 2014, over 11 million users have signed up for Visa Checkout accounts and accepted by more than 250,000 merchants. The service is now available in 16 markets across the world.

Currently, Visa Checkout is accepted at a wide variety of online retailers in Malaysia, including GSC Cinema,, SweetSpot Digital, Little Whiz, Twenty3, Avenue87 and CUTI.

Maybank has emerged as the first financial institution in Malaysia to enroll Visa cardholders for the service and offer Visa Checkout acceptance to merchants across the country.

Users can avail the service by simply entering a username and password to pay, rather than a 16-digit credit card number and expiry date at every transaction.

Maybank Group head of cards and wealth B. Ravintharan said: “Maybank continues to showcase several first-in-market products and solutions in Malaysia in partnership with Visa. Visa Checkout allows our card members to shop online with just a simple two-click process during checkout.

“We have partnered with several key merchants in Malaysia as part of our launch and we’re confident consumers will embrace Visa Checkout across all their devices,” he added.