Ahlibank introduces first contactless credit card in Qatar

Qatar-based Ahlibank has launched first contactless credit card in the country in conjunction with card issuer MasterCard.

Ahlibank introduces first contactless credit card in Qatar

The newly launched card, known as Titanium MasterCard credit card, will offer a faster and secure way to make transaction at point-of-sale (POS) terminals at retailers displaying the contactless logo. It can be used for low value purchases QAR100 or less with just a tap, which will eliminate the need to sign or enter a PIN code, the lender said in a statement.

Ahlibank deputy CEO of Retail Banking Andrew McKechnie said: “Contactless Credit Cards have been designed to make payments for goods and services QAR 100 or less, fast, safe and convenient for our customers, who just have to tap and go wherever they see the contactless logo at a retailer.

“The Ahlibank Contactless Credit Card works with an embedded antenna in the card when paying for low value purchases QAR 100 or less through Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled POS (Point of Sale devices) to make contactless payments in Qatar and overseas.

“Already over 300 Point of Sale (POS) terminals are in operation in Qatar. Terminals are available at retailers in all the main shopping malls from coffee shops, food retailers and various retailers. We expect the number of terminals and contactless Credit Card usage to grow rapidly, as it has in other markets where contactless payments has been launched.”