EMP rolls out new solution to improve card security

EMP, a payments processor in Africa and the Middle East, has introduced the new EMProtect solution to address card security.

EMP rolls out new solution to improve card security

Powered by Tranwall, the service will be available for all main card types. It will allow cardholders to switch their cards on or off anytime completely or for specific transactions types including internet purchases, in-store purchases and cash withdrawals.

Users of EMProtect can gain access to a mobile self-service interface, which will help them manage their cards without requiring to interact with their bank’s service agents. It also helps cardholders set spending limits, disable some transactions, or to regulate cash withdrawal or e-commerce transactions.

Banks can integrate the solution into their mobile apps, internet banking as well as other self-service channels.

EMP Africa CEO Murat Ozulku said: “I am delighted to introduce EMProtect to our clients, empowering their cardholders to manage their cards themselves, anytime, anywhere, using any channel.

“EMProtect will enhance the security of cardholders with regard to potential misuse and fraud attempts. This is an important development for Africa, encouraging the use of cards for e-commerce and international travel.”