Wells Fargo enhances credit card rewards programme

Wells Fargo has enhanced its credit card reward programme with the launch of a rewards-based credit card, called Go Far Rewards.

Wells Fargo enhances credit card rewards programme

The new programme offers customers a flexible platform to make the most of their rewards and feel truly rewarded, and will be available to all customers from Wells Fargo. It will allow customers to redeem their rewards at any Wells Fargo ATM, use rewards toward their qualifying Wells Fargo checking or savings account or apply toward the principal balance of a qualifying Wells Fargo line or loan.

Clients can also take advantage of options to pool rewards with other customers, gift rewards to other customers or to charity, create wish lists and more, the company said in a statement.

Wells Fargo head of consumer financial services Beverly Anderson said: “Customers use their credit cards to pay for ordinary things they do every day, and we want the rewards they earn from doing that to feel extraordinary.

“With an emphasis on the flexibility and accessibility our customers told us they want, we spent the past few years updating our rewards programme so significantly we felt it deserved a new name.”