Deloitte to launch blockchain technology lab in Dublin

Professional services and consulting firm Deloitte has announced plans to launch its blockchain technology lab in Dublin, Ireland.

Deloitte to launch blockchain technology lab in Dublin

The new lab will serve as the firm’s EMEA centre of excellence in blockchain, collaborating with specialist teams in other member firms.

The lab will employ a team of 50 developers and designers, which will be built over the next 18 months. The team will develop blockchain capabilities and proof-of-concepts to create functioning prototypes for the financial sector.

Deloitte Ireland head of financial services David Dalton said: “There is significant demand from clients who are looking to use blockchain to speed up payments and transfer clearances, settlements, reconciliations, digital identities, and many other use cases.

“By bringing together the best of Deloitte experts and building upon our capabilities, we believe our lab will play a significant role in lifting blockchain use to a new level.”

Deloitte partner in Milan and co-lead of the lab Paolo Gianturco added: “Our investment shows our confidence in blockchain to transform the financial services industry. Blockchain’s scope is huge and requires dedicated focus and time to research how best it can be used to build practical applications. This blockchain lab, we believe, will be an integral part in driving Deloitte’s offering in this area.”