BofA to expand cardless ATM technology to 5,000 ATMs across US in 2016

Bank of America (BofA) is set to launch card-free ATM access at 5,000 terminals across the US in 2016.

BofA to expand cardless ATM technology to 5,000 ATMs across US in 2016

The bank will start cardless rollout this month at 2,400 ATMs across the country. It will also enable cardless ATM access through Android Pay, which allows users withdraw cash, make transfers and check balances using a digital wallet stored on their smartphones.

The feature is expected to be made live this month together with cardless access through the BofA mobile banking app.

The contactless symbol near the card reader will enable the customers to identify cardless-enabled ATMs.

In order a to execute a transaction, the user will have to select the BofA debit card in his digital wallet and then holds the smart device over the contactless card reader, activating the ATM.

After that, the customer will have to follow the common process to enter a PIN, select an account and initiate a withdrawal, transfer, or balance inquiry.

BofA digital banking lead Michelle Moore said: “Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to manage their daily lives, and we’re committed to delivering solutions that give them convenient and secure options when it comes to managing their money.

“Now in addition to using digital wallets for purchases, customers can use them to get cash at the ATM.”

The bank said that cardless ATMs support mobile wallets that are enabled with near field communications and loaded with a BofA debit card.