MasterCard joins Visa in accelerating EMV chip migration

MasterCard has introduced a new EMV chip terminal testing and certification programme aimed at accelerating chip adoption

MasterCard joins Visa in accelerating EMV chip migration

MasterCard’s new programme, which is similar to Visa’s recently announced initiatives, maintains terminal testing and certification quality while easing chip card in-store terminal testing certification and activation.

MasterCard runs a chip terminal testing and certification process, which is used by merchant bank acquirers and value-added resellers (VARs) before terminals go live at checkout.

The company believes that the changes could slash the certification and testing time to a couple of hours, down from a couple of weeks.

The new programme will enable acquirers to follow recommendations and use MasterCard terminal testing procedures or they can choose alternative testing processes and tools that support the integrity of their existing procedures. They will have flexibility to conduct terminal testing as a part of their own internal processes and schedules.

Number of required tests has been slashed by 58% while mandatory tests have been minimised so that acquirers can use their discretion and expertise in deciding when terminals are ready for deployment.

MasterCard will offer dedicated resources to help VARs navigate terminal configurations, test processes and ramp up in-field issue resolution.

MasterCard senior vice president for product delivery-EMV Chiro Aikat said: “The whole industry wins when action is taken against counterfeit card fraud.

“Reducing terminal certification-testing time to a couple of hours from as long as a couple of weeks is one positive step we can take in a more mature market. Innovations including M/Chip Fast speed chip transaction times and are having a positive impact as is easing fraud costs to merchants.”

MasterCard recently announced that almost 70% of all US-issued MasterCard branded credit cards are now chip cards. This marks a 58% increase in chip cards in market since the 1 October 2015 liability shift.