UnionPay launches HCE mobile QuickPass in South Korea

UnionPay International, in collaboration with KT Corporation and its subsidiary BC Card, has debuted its HCE mobile QuickPass in South Korea

UnionPay launches HCE mobile QuickPass in South Korea

The HCE mobile QuickPass will allow the local UnionPay cardholders to pay by tapping their mobile phones.

UnionPay said that South Korea is the first international market where the company has introduced its new mobile payment solution QuickPass. The solution supports both offline contactless payment through mobile phones and other mobile devices as well as remote online payment.

Featuring a number of mobile payment capabilities such as HCE, Apple Pay and Sumsang Pay, QuickPass is claimed to be safer than other mobile payment products. It offers numerous security assurances, including dynamic password and payment token.

In order to preserve the cardholder’s confidential information, the real bankcard number is not revealed during the payment.

UnionPay noted that the collaboration in South Korea is a significant step towards expanding its mobile payment service QuickPass across the globe.

Currently UnionPay cards can be used at approximately 70,000 ATMs for cash withdrawal in South Korea. All merchants that accept signature payment accept UnionPay credit cards, while nearly 1.63 million merchants accept UnionPay cards for PIN-based payment.