bPay adds new payments functionality to wearable devices

Barclaycard has rolled out an accessory equipped with NFC payment capability that allows any fitness band or watch to make payments.

bPay adds new payments functionality to wearable devices

The product, named Loop, is the fourth wearable device in the company’s bPay contactless payments range.

Loop is a silicon case containing a contactless chip that has been designed to slide easily over any watch strap or fitness band with an opening buckle. The chip is connected to bPay’s secure digital wallet. It can be used to make payments for £30 and under at over 400,000 locations.

Barclaycard said that the wallet and device both can be managed through the bPay mobile app, or via the online web portal. Additionally, users can set their account to top-up automatically from their chosen payment card when their balance falls below a pre-set level.

“Loop comes in response to customer demand for a way to add payment functionality to wearables they already own — in particular, watches and fitness bands,” Barclaycard said in a statement.

bPay has teamed up with Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine and wearable fitness device manufacturer Garmin to provide Loop to customers purchasing selected items from both brands from July.