Yandex.Checkout launches QR-code payment feature

Russia’s Yandex.Checkout has launched a new feature for merchants that will enable them to accept payments through QR codes.

Yandex.Checkout launches QR-code payment feature

Sellers would need to place QR-codes on their merchandise, and customers will be able to scan the code through the Yandex.Money mobile app.

To make a payment QR codes, user need to open the Yandex.Money app on their phones and point at a QR-code with their smartphone’s camera. Once the code is scanned, the app will show the product’s name, seller, and price. After that, user can chooses payment method — either Yandex.Money e-wallet or a bank card linked to it, the company said.

Currently, more than 76,000 online stores use Yandex.Checkout, and 4 million users have the Yandex.Money app that has iOS, Android, and Windows Phone versions.

Yandex.Checkout was launched by Yandex.Money in 2013. Yandex.Money is the joint venture of search engine Yandex and Sberbank.