Payza integrates with Interac in Canada

Payment platform Payza has announced its integration with Interac, Canada's interbank network for transferring funds electronically.

Payza integrates with Interac in Canada

The integration will enable Canadians to add funds to their Payza accounts directly through their online bank account via the “Add Funds by Interac Online” option within their accounts.

Also, it will allow Payza Businesses globally to directly accept Interac Online payments from Canadian members.

Payza said its members can load their accounts by transferring money from their Canadian bank accounts to their online Payza accounts for a flat rate of C$1.50 per transaction, up to C$500. While, Payza merchants can accept payments from Canadian consumers via Interac Online for fees starting at 2.5% + C$0.79.

Payza global executive vice president Firoz Patel said: “Canadians love their debit cards and use Interac, the debit system powering Canada, 16 million times a day on average to shop online and in stores, and to send money electronically to friends and family.

“By providing our Canadian members with a service they know and love to easily fund to their Payza accounts, we are proving our commitment to delivering preferred local payment options to our global customer base, one market at a time.

“We are also giving our business members, both inside and outside of Canada, a new way to attract and retain Canadian consumers by removing some of the friction in the purchase process,” Patel added.