Shopify rolls out card reader and PoS app in UK

Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company, has introduced its PoS app and card reader for merchants in the UK.

Shopify rolls out card reader and PoS app in UK

Using the reader, the retailers can accept contactless and traditional card-based payments. The app works along with the reader on an iPhone or iPad.

The merchants in the UK can now accept various payment options in stores as well as at festivals, in pop-up shops or at the customer’s door using the combination of Shopify’s app and reader, which also supports Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Additionally, if a retailer has an online store powered by Shopify, they can also join the in-store shopping experience to the ecommerce website.

Merchants who want to accept payments using Shopify will have to pay £59 for the card reader, while the app can be downloaded for free and uses credit card rates that start at 1.6% with no per purchase fee.