OT launches new range of wearable options for secure payment

Oberthur Technologies has launched a new range of wearable options that offer safe payment on the go.

OT launches new range of wearable options for secure payment

Known as ‘Flybuy’, the new wearable range includes Flybuy Mini Fob, a very small (SIM-size 15x25mm) contactless card including a boosted antenna that can be inserted into a silicone or leather wristband, a key chain or fitness trackers or watches.

Flybuy Secure Element is targeted for OEMs to be embedded into watches or fitness bands directly at the manufacturing stage.

FlyBuy Wearables can be positioned either as a companion extension to the existing payment card or as a stand-alone prepaid option.

The solutions can be used for payment, as well as for public transport and access control to corporate premises, fitness centres or music/sports events for example.

OT head of global offer and indirect sales for financial services institutions business Cedric Collomb said: “The global market of wearables is nascent and has huge growth potential over the coming years.

“With its leading position in the payment field, OT is a key and trusted partner to offer wearable payment solutions thanks to its comprehensive portfolio of products which can answer a full range of customer requirements.”