Amex introduces Facebook messenger bot

Amex has finally released its Facebook messenger bot that enables users to gain access of information about their card accounts directly.

Amex introduces Facebook messenger bot

The new service will inform customers round the clock when a purchase is done using their Amex card. It also gives information about past purchases by industry, cost, and other details.

Amex bot users will receive other benefits such as restaurant recommendations and loyalty program messages.

An Amex bot user when buying an airline ticket to any destination such as New York would will receive an alert direct to Messenger confirming their purchase.

They will also receive a reminder that they have complimentary access to an airport lounge, or a recommendation for a nearby business.

Amex announced the launch of messenger bot in June this year; however, it has gone live recently.

American Express vice president for digital partnerships and development Dave Wolf said: “We know our card members appreciate the convenience of receiving information from Amex on digital platforms where they’re already spending time.

“The concept demoed today shows how we could help them stay on top of their purchases and take advantage of their card benefits. The scale and flexibility of the Messenger platform makes it a powerful channel for us to explore new ways to connect with card members.”