Walmart to extend Visa credit card ban to Manitoba

Walmart has started informing its customers that it will stop accepting Visa credit cards at its 16 stores in Manitoba, Canada.

Walmart to extend Visa credit card ban to Manitoba

Earlier in July, Walmart stopped accepting Visa credit cards at its three stores in Thunder Bay area.

At that time, the US-based retail giant said that it will extend ban on Visa branded credit cards across Canada if the two companies could not reach an amicable solution regarding fees.

Walmart said in a statement: “Following an evaluation of credit card transaction fees in Canada and the rest of the world, we have concluded the fees applied to Visa credit card purchases remain unacceptably high.

“Walmart’s purpose is to save customers money so they can live better. We are committed first and foremost to this purpose, which requires us to keep costs as low as possible.”

The retailer, which operates more than 400 stores in Canada, said that the decision will not affect its stores outside the country.

Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove “We are committed to continuing discussions, and we are still hopeful we can reach an agreement with Visa.”

Visa said that Walmart’s move was “disappointing” and that it “remains committed to actively working with Walmart so that Canadians can use their Visa cards wherever they wish to shop.”

The supermarket chain said that the customers will continue to be able to use other forms of payment including cash, Interac debit, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.