Ericsson collaborates with HomeSend on mobile financial services

Ericsson has signed a partnership agreement with HomeSend to accelerate the adoption of international remittances via mobile

Ericsson collaborates with HomeSend on mobile financial services

The agreement gives Ericsson-powered mobile wallet users access to HomeSend’s network of money transfer operators (MTOs), cash agents and banks in over 200 countries.

The Ericsson Wallet Platform is now certified by HomeSend, a joint venture between MasterCard, eServGlobal and BICS.

The Swedish company’s Mobile Financial Services solutions now also include Ericsson Interconnect, the company’s cloud-based financial transactions switching and mediation service.

HomeSend CEO Stephen Doyle said: “The partnership represents HomeSend’s continuing commitment to displace cash and facilitate electronic payments, advancing financial inclusion in the new global economy. Millions of new unbanked consumers will gain improved access to digital inflows from friends and relatives, as we continue to advance toward a fully open ecosystem for global mobile money remittances.”

Ericsson head of mobile financial services Peter Heuman said: ” Integration with the HomeSend Hub connects Ericsson mobile wallet powered financial service providers, and potentially other financial service providers, to a global network of financial institutions and MTOs. This represents a major advance in helping to grow mobile financial services ecosystems whilst supporting financial inclusion.”