NovoPayment unveils bot enablement services for Messenger

NovoPayment has upgraded its platform to enable its clients deploy their own bots for Facebook Messenger.

NovoPayment unveils bot enablement services for Messenger

The new service will enable banks, financial institutions, retailers, and travel organizations to allow their customers to conduct person-to person payments within Facebook Messenger.

The company claims that the new capabilities will also allow clients’ end users to opening accounts, checking balances and transaction histories, and watch tutorial videos.

‘Organizations working with NovoPayment will now be able to offer a new set of transactional and service experiences to their customers all while ensuring privacy, security, and compliance,” the company added.

NovoPayment CEO Anabel Perez said: “We’re helping our clients to quickly configure and deploy their own bots for Messenger, accelerating innovation and generating new, mobile, differentiated and engaging transaction streams with limited intrusion.

“We look forward to continuing to explore the market for new, customized Messenger services, helping organizations to leverage this powerful technology,” she added.