Ingenico unveils new payment soluton to improve user experience

Payment solutions provider Ingenico Group has unveiled a new retail terminal Lane/7000 to enhance customers' point-of-sale (POS) experience.

Ingenico unveils new payment soluton to improve user experience

The new terminal, which will enable vendors to increase customer engagement, will also mark the introduction of Ingenico’s Telium TETRA payment solutions to the US.

Ingenico in a statement said that the smart payment terminal is developed to meet local regulations and ensure long-term payment security compliance. It will support the business from attacks that target POS software.

Powered by Ingenico’s Telium TETRA operating system, the Lane/7000 will support EMV chip & PIN, EMV chip & sign, magstripe and NFC/contactless, including mobile wallets and alternative payment methods.

Ingenico Group smart terminals and mobile solutions executive vice president Jacques Guérin said: “Merchants and consumers have come to expect more streamlined and secure payment experiences at the point of sale. Ingenico Group’s Lane/7000 is designed to specifically fulfill these requirements while capturing customers’ attention without adding to lane or countertop clutter.

“The Lane/7000 provides merchants with the technology to be able to accept the latest payment form factors and powerful software that is able to support both payment and business applications for a more robust and complete checkout experience.”