Deloitte launches blockchain technology lab in Dublin

Deloitte has opened its new EMEA blockchain lab at Whitaker Court in Dublin’s Silicon Docks district.

Deloitte launches blockchain technology lab in Dublin

The company said that the new bespoke designed lab builds on its global fintech and innovation practice which involves a network of labs around the world including a major lab on Wall Street.

“The Dublin based blockchain team will now move from its current location at Deloitte Ireland HQ, with the highly skilled design and development team growing from 25 to 50 during 2017,” the consulting firm said in its press statement.

The blockchain lab opens with the existing team of more than 25 blockchain developers and designers. The company plans to hire 25 more by end of the year 2017.

Deloitte consulting director and EMEA blockchain lab lead Lory Kehoe said: “Our Dublin blockchain lab is part of Deloitte’s global approach dubbed “The Grid”.  Through this our team here work alongside specialist teams from other countries and also with Deloitte’s network of more than a dozen preferred technology companies.  We look forward to being a key element of the continued growth of Blockchain.”

In addition to the official opening of the new lab, the firm also launched a number of products built by the Dublin based team.

Deloitte first announced plans to launch its blockchain technology lab in Dublin in May 2016.