ClearScore launches credit advisors in the form of “chatbots”

Clearscore has launched three bot-based programmes to help consumers improve their credit worthiness and knowledge about financial products.

ClearScore launches credit advisors in the form of “chatbots”

The programmes have been launched under the title Coaching and are each created for consumers in different financial positions. They are broken down into the following structure:

  • Build, for those inexperienced with credit and typically ‘thin file’
  • Repair, for those that have experienced a serious financial event (such as a bankruptcy)
  • Shape up, for those with a good score who want to improve it

ClearScore, partnered with Equifax, said it uses ‘chatbots’ to build users’ credit confidence and help those that do not know where to get financial help. 

The company said that the programmes use simple language, and recommend easy steps and small changes people can make to boost their credit ratings in the form of tailored ‘To Do’ lists.

Interactivity, GIFs and emoticons are also used to make the five-minute programmes engaging and relevant for the user. 

Justin Basini, chief executive officer and founder of ClearScore, said: “We’ve launched Coaching to give people practical steps they can take to make a real positive impact on their personal finances.”