Kerv Wearables introduces contactless payment ring

Kerv Wearables has launched its contactless payment ring after two years of development and fundraising.

Kerv Wearables introduces contactless payment ring

The device allows the wearer to make a contactless payment anywhere that allows Mastercard contactless transactions.

Launched after recent M/Chip certification from Mastercard, the ring doesn’t need charging or pairing with a smartphone to work, the company said.

The waterproof and scratchproof ring allows users to view their spending activity in real-time. They can also turn the ring on or off to prevent unauthorised transactions.

The device is now up for sale for £99.99 on the company’s website and is available in 14 different color combinations.

Kerv Wearables founder Philip Campbell said: “Our aim was to develop a desirable wearable item, that does not obviously look like a piece of technology. We believe that the Kerv ring makes people’s lives easier – whether that is commuting to work on London underground, buying a coffee, or paying for a round of drinks.”

Mastercard senior vice president for EMV and digital devices Dave Meadon said: “Mastercard is continually looking for new ways to make transactions more secure and more convenient. The Kerv ring is a demonstration of how Mastercard’s secure M/Chip technology can power contactless payments in innovative consumer devices.”