Seamless targets teenagers with mobile payments app

Seamless, a Swedish payments company, has launched a new mobile payment application designed especially for teenagers.

Seamless targets teenagers with mobile payments app

Dubbed Seqr Go!, the new solution will allow users to make payments with their smartphones without using cash or cards. The solution also enables users to send or receive money instantly from other Seqr users.

The company said that Seqr Go! requires name, date of birth, email address and telephone number to create an account, and users do not need to link a bank account because the funds are transferred to their prepaid Seqr Go! account.

Seamless CEO Peter Fredell said: “For the first time someone (Seqr) has provided a safe, smart, and youth friendly mobile payment technology. The youth segment is a large group of consumers that has effectively been shut out of this market and capabilities until now.

“It replaces the need for a wallet or to carry pockets full of cash making it safer for teens when out and about. It also enables teenagers to send money to or receive money in real time from other Seqr users whether home or abroad, anywhere in the world, free of charge.”