Zift buys payments technology firm PayVisors

Zift, a provider of merchant processing services and payment facilitation, has purchased PayVisors, a payments technology consulting company

Zift buys payments technology firm PayVisors

As per terms of the deal, Chad Roll, president of PayVisors, has been named as the CEO at Zift and Zift co-founders Nate Hughes and Marc Roberts will assume the role of chief revenue officer and chief operating officer of the company, respectively.

Commenting on the deal, Roberts said: “Technology is disrupting the payments industry and payment facilitation is one of the fastest growing segments of the market.

“The acquisition of PayVisors will allow us to leverage the expertise and relationships PayVisors has established to become a leading payments technology company that provides a wide range of integrated payment management solutions for software platforms, payment facilitators, eCommerce marketplaces and enterprise corporate merchants.”

Roll said: “This opportunity provides the optimum delivery model moving forward. With the added ability to offer hosted solutions for payment facilitators, marketplaces, and software platforms, as well as continue to provide on-premise licenses for enterprise merchants, we are now positioned to manage a client’s payment management needs for the life of their company.”