adds car reviews section has added a car reviews section on its website, showing reviews for the most searched car makes and models. adds car reviews section

The online classifieds platform plans to create a review page for each OEM brand featuring its range, and allowing visitors to research before they purchase.

According to, 90% of customers start searching for their car online, and it says its car reviews section allows customers to conduct research on their computers and mobile devices, with mobile-optimised pages.

The details for the cars include a rating, vehicle history, analysis of its features and trims, and an assessment of its affordability. says the pages also use live market data to show average prices by make, model, and trim.

Dermot Kelleher, director of marketing and business intelligence at, said the car reviews pages make car buying easier for customers.

Kelleher said: “While many motorists are knowledgeable about cars, they still seek reassurance and trusted advice to help them make the right choice before buying their next vehicle.

“These reviews have been designed to meet consumer demand for online resources and provide them with the insight they desire to find the car that suits their needs and lifestyle.”