Payza integrates Bitcoin into e-Wallet offering

Payza has integrated Bitcoin into its e-Wallet offering, becoming the first payment wallet provider to treat Bitcoin like any fiat currency.

Payza integrates Bitcoin into e-Wallet offering

The integration will enable its customers to quickly send and receive Bitcoin to and from other Payza members for a nominal fee of 1.2% per transaction.

Customers using Payza to process online payments can receive Bitcoin as payment for their products. They can also retain those payments in Bitcoin in their e-Wallets, which will remain protected by Payza’s Resolution Center.

Payza said that merchants can also set their prices directly in Bitcoin without setting that price in a traditional currency like US dollar.

Payza global executive vice president Firoz Patel said: “Today, we fulfill our promise to our members and are now able to treat Bitcoin like any other currency we deal with. This means that every Payza member can now hold Bitcoin in their e-Wallets, and send and receive Bitcoin throughout our network, just like they would with USD, Euros or Sterling.

“We wanted to provide a worry-free way for our members to exchange and hold Bitcoin. We feel that the services announced today are perfect for people who are interested in Bitcoin, but are intimidated by the security risks and technical knowledge seemingly required to use them.”