Countr POS partners with Coinify to bring blockchain payments to merchants

Countr POS has partnered with cryptocurrency payments processor Coinify to bring blockchain payments on the POS for merchants.

Countr POS partners with Coinify to bring blockchain payments to merchants

The inclusion of blockchain payments option in the Countr POS’s app is expected to increase profit margins for buyers and retailers. Countr POS has a customer base of more than 3,000 merchants globally.

The Dutch POS provider is also planning to launch update of its POS app on 1 June. The collaboration is expected to expand blockchain currency payment processing among retailers and stimulate the overall blockchain payments adoption, Coinify said.

Countr POS co-founder and CEO John Staunton said: “Blockchain is expected to be one of the major payment trends in the upcoming years and we are excited to integrate it to our POS system. We chose Coinify as our preferred blockchain payment service provider because of their versatility of services.

“Coinify supports 14 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and offers payouts in local currencies, which represents a win-win situation for Countr POS and our merchants.”

Coinify sales manager Morten Bebe said: “Coinify is on a mission to spread the use of digital currencies by offering everyone the opportunity to use alternative payments methods and accept blockchain currency payments. I am thrilled to see that with Countr POS we are succeeding in expanding blockchain payments in both online and offline environments.”