Cashnet, Flywire to offer new payments options for international students

Cashnet has joined forces with cross-border payment solutions provider Flywire.

Cashnet, Flywire to offer new payments options for international students

Under the partnership, the two companies will enable schools to streamline education-related payments while improving the user experience for international students and their families.

The integration will streamline payment reconciliation for institutions and give students more options when using the Cashnet platform to pay for education-related expenses, the companies said.

Cashnet vice president of payment sales and development said: “We’re pleased to integrate Flywire into the Cashnet platform thus providing international students and families more options when paying for school.

“By providing payment tools that make it easier for a student or parent to manage finances, we continue our important mission of helping to provide fundamental access to education for students across the globe.”

Flywire executive vice president of education segment Sharon Butler said: “The Cashnet platform has always been a well-respected solution within our client base and an important way for schools to make it easier for students and families to pay.

“With our partnership, Cashnet can provide integrated support to our many mutual clients and enable them to leverage the full capabilities of both solutions to enhance the payment experience while streamlining the reconciliation process.”