First Data introduces new e-commerce solution for payment facilitators

First Data has introduced a new global e-commerce solution, dubbed First Data Global PFAC, for payment facilitators.

First Data introduces new e-commerce solution for payment facilitators

The new offering will provide payment facilitators with a single integration interface, enabling their merchants to easily authorize transactions in nearly 150 currencies globally and settle in 17 currencies.

The Global PFAC solution is structured into two programmes: Single MID Program and Multi MID Program.

Single MID Program is designed for payment facilitators, who seek to serve smaller customers with a more streamlined approach. It will also allow them to manage all merchants with one account.

The Multi MID Program is developed for facilitators who would like to use separate accounts for each customer, and access additional First Data products and services.

First Data’s Global PFAC solution also includes comprehensive payment options, security and fraud detection solutions, underwriting services, currency conversion and a range of payment methods to allow consumers to shop and pay in the currency and method of their choice.

First Data global head of e-commerce Shane Fitzpatrick said: “Payment facilitators need to be nimble, agile, and have access to proven technology to achieve global scale, especially as eCommerce has opened the door for companies to do business worldwide.

“First Data’s Global PFAC solution empowers merchants to do business wherever they want, whenever they want, while streamlining the administrative burden of enabling payments around the world.”