PayRange rolls out payment solution for commercial laundry

PayRange, a mobile payment solution provider for vending machines, has launched its payment service for commercial laundry.

PayRange rolls out payment solution for commercial laundry

The company’s payment solution will enable operators to upgrade their existing machines to accept payment through a smart phone.

The solution is currently available for Speed Queen and Maytag machines, and other manufacturers are working to certify their equipment.

Laundry service provider Jetz Service is launching the solution across the Midwest in the US.

Commenting on the launch, Jetz Service chief financial officer Scott Schenk said: “We especially like the eureka feeling PayRange has provided to make Jetz feel like we are stretching our wings in what we see as a truly transformational application of technology in our space.

“The opportunities have made us re-think our space and how much more exciting and cutting edge we can make it for a technologically advanced population that may currently look down on coin vended laundry as old, clunky, and dirty.”