ING launches Yolt money app in UK in open beta

Dutch banking major ING has launched its money management app, Yolt, in the UK in open beta.

ING launches Yolt money app in UK in open beta

The app, which will operate on iOS and Android platforms, will let users view bank accounts and credit cards in one place, offer an overview on what shops they’re spending the most, as well as help them set budgets.

Currently, ING has added an energy price comparison feature to Yolt. The bank plans to collaborate with other fintechs to add new functionalities to the app eventually.

Yolt CEO Frank Jan Risseeuw said: “People want convenience, speed, and customisation. Yolt understands that. We’re a mobile app, designed to change the way people think about their finances, and harness the power of open banking to make it easier for people to concentrate on the other things in life.”

The app has already been tested and improved in its closed beta phase that started since October 2016.