Autocar: Over half of diesel drivers to make fuel switch

Over half of diesel drivers are prepared to switch to a different fuel type at the next plate change, according Autocar.

Autocar: Over half of diesel drivers to make fuel switch

The survey of over 1,000 motorists was carried out by advisors Simpson Carpenter, and found that the lasting impact of ‘Dieselgate’ had led to diesel cars remaining toxic for many motorists.

Autocar found that less than 1 in 4, 23% of motorists planned to buy a diesel car at the next plate change. Of those surveyed 38% were current diesel owners, compared with 60% owners of petrol cars, and 17% alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs).

Autocar’s research found that over half of diesel owners planned to switch to petrol or an AFV, while 78% of petrol owners said they would stick to their current fuel choice.

While petrol was forecast to remain dominant, with 60% projected to choose petrol vehicles, AFVs were seen as likely to gain from the demise of diesel. Of those surveyed, 17% of diesel owners said they would opt for an AFV.

These trends were seen in May’s new car registrations, in which the number of new diesel vehicles registered slumped by 20% year-on-year.

Fears over pollution and emissions were the major justifications given for not choosing diesel by 73%. The residual values of diesel cars was the main concern of 41%, despite some claims that lowering diesel sentiment had not been proven to lower values for brands affected by ‘Dieselgate’.

Mark Tisshaw, Autocar editor, said: “”These findings are testament to the public battering diesel has taken over the last few years. We’ve already seen figures showing a diesel sales slowdown but what is clear from this survey is that there will be a major shift towards petrol, hybrid, and electric cars.”