OT-Morpho launches new biometric payment card

OT-Morpho, a provider of digital security and identification technologies,has introduced new biometric payment card.

OT-Morpho launches new biometric payment card

Featuring Near-field communication (NFC) technology, the new biometric contactless payment card is EMV compliant.

The new card, equipped with embedded fingerprint sensor, taps OT-Morpho-developed algorithms to confirm the cardholder’s identity, while the biometric data is stored securely in the chip of the card.

Cardholders will have to insert into or tap the card onto an EMV payment terminal and place their finger on the sensor where an OT-Morpho algorithm matches the fingerprint to the template stored in the card to complete the transaction. The new card replaces the manual entry of a PIN.

Eric Duforest, OT-Morpho, managing director of the Financial Services Institutions business at OT, said: “As market leader, OT-Morpho is the first to deploy a full range of cards equipped with biometric authentication enabling both contact and contactless payments.

“OT-Morpho offers an end-to-end solution, including enrolment, biometric data management, card production and personalisation.”