EMaC aftersales revenue reached £200m over past year

EMaC, the provider of service plan and customer retention schemes to automotive companies, increased its aftersales revenue to £200m.

EMaC aftersales revenue reached £200m over past year

The Innovation Group subsidiary appointed John O’Donnell as its managing director in  January, replacing Neil Hodson.

O’Donnell said: “Our figures confirm that consumers have an appetite for budgeting for the upkeep of their vehicles.

“In today’s car sales arena, where profit margins are squeezed ever tighter, this offers dealers the opportunity to boost their revenue streams significantly.”

According to O’Donnell, users of EMaC’s service plan have seen customer retention rates increase to up to 60%. He claims that without the plan, customer retention is only 22%.

He added: “By partnering with us, dealers are given the practical sales support to enable them to assist their consumers in making an informed purchasing decision. We also assist in providing the ongoing care.”