InvestCloud digital platform chosen by Dinosaur Merchant Bank (1)

InvestCloud has been appointed by Dinosaur Merchant Bank to provide a new digital platform

InvestCloud digital platform chosen by Dinosaur Merchant Bank (1)

The new digital platform is for the bank’s European and Latin American wealth management customers.

The Bank will be using InvestCloud’s flagship client portal solution, Blue.

InvestCloud Blue helps wealth managers and financial firms like Dinosaur Merchant Bank to build and maintain responsive client relationships tailored to their specific client base, leveraging a full suite of client communications apps.

The bank’s customers across Europe and Latin America will be able to access their portfolios at any time and on any device.

The Bank will also be able to use InvestCloud’s Digital Warehouse capabilities, which aggregates data from many diverse data sources, integrates that data into meaningful information, stores the information securely and provides apps for real-time analytics.

This includes external news and social media sources alongside market and portfolio data, and integrates with Dinosaur Merchant Bank’s own data sources.

The InvestCloud client portal will be used across the bank’s European and Latin American institutional asset management business, digitizing many currently manual processes. It will provide clients with an interactive view of their data and a document portal to view reports and manage content.

Dinosaur Merchant Bank is a global investment banking, institutional brokerage and wealth management service provider, with $400m in assets under management.

The new digital platform will ensure all data is consolidated into the client’s digital portal from the outset.

Will Bailey, EVP for Europe and Innovation at InvestCloud, said: “Wealth and asset managers face a turning point: go digital or face the consequences. But they also need to understand how digital can transform their business.

“It is far more than a branded online presence. Done right, a digital platform will create a whole new way of doing business, building greater efficiencies for managers and ensuring longer and happier customer relationships.”