NSR Invest snaps up LendingRobot

Investment advisers NSR Invest and LendingRobot have merged to create a new independent advisory platform for alternative lending.

NSR Invest snaps up LendingRobot

NSR Invest’s parent company Lend Core acquired Algorithmic and all its assets, including the LendingRobot website and technology.

In the short term, the websites, operating, and trading systems of NSRinvest.com and LendingRobot.com will continue to function separately.

LendingRobot Series is an alternative lending robo-fund that allows investors to achieve immediate diversification and enhanced liquidity across the leading real estate, small business and consumer lending platforms.

Additionally, LendingRobot Series leverages blockchain technology to securely publish an immutable ledger notarized by the Ethereum Blockchain.

Bo Brustkern, co-founder and CEO of NSR Invest, will lead the combined entity as CEO.

Brustkern said: “With this combination of our firms, we are bringing enhanced capabilities to our combined client bases today, and big plans for the future. A shining example of the kind of innovation that we will emphasize is the Lending Robot Series Fund, which provides customization, liquidity and diversification to investors through a novel, elegant, low-cost fund structure.”