BNP Paribas debuts WeChat Pay in Europe

BNP Paribas has launched Chinese mobile payment platform WeChat Pay to retailers in France and intends to expand the service across Europe.

BNP Paribas debuts WeChat Pay in Europe

WeChat Pay solution will be initially introduced at the two Paris flagship stores owned by the Galeries Lafayette Group – Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and BHV MARAIS.

“WeChat Pay mobile payment solution is currently used by over 600 million Chinese consumers and allows retailers to win the loyalty of Chinese consumers travelling abroad,” the bank said in its press release.

More than 7.4 million Chinese tourists visit Europe every year and the move enables retailers to offer a better shopping experience for its international clients.

BNP Paribas global head of cash management Pierre Fersztand said: “We’re delighted to be working with the Galeries Lafayette Group to deploy the WeChat Pay solution. Once again, BNP Paribas is demonstrating its ability to innovate and to help our clients roll out their own innovations.  We’re now offering the most comprehensive range of payment solutions on the market aimed at the Chinese customers of our retail sector clients.”