PayPal enables invoicing within Facebook Messenger

PayPal has expanded its partnership with Facebook by launching a new feature that allows its customers to send invoices through Messenger.

PayPal enables invoicing within Facebook Messenger

The new chat extension will make it easier for sellers and buyers to buy and sell goods and services through Facebook. It will enable sellers to create and send an invoice directly within a Messenger conversation.

In order to use PayPal’s invoicing extension, users will have to open the extension tray, where they can choose PayPal and create the invoice with details such as item name, description, price, and quantity, and then send to intended recipient.

The invoice can also carry image of the product so that purchaser can instantly make the payment.

PayPal director of product, next generation commerce Shilpa Dhar said: “We already enable many of these experiences, like person-to-person commerce within Messenger. This use of Messenger is just the latest example of how we are exploring and enabling commerce in new contexts – building on the existing work we’ve done to help consumers and businesses use the PayPal platform to send and receive payments through other Facebook experiences.

“We will continue partnering across the ecosystem to help simplify payment experiences and create seamless connections between consumers and merchants wherever commerce might be occurring,” she added.