OSV: UK among top 3 countries for EV preparedness

The UK is in the top 3 countries for availability of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, according to a study from leasing provider OSV.

OSV: UK among top 3 countries for EV preparedness

In the company’s Electric Car Index, the UK showed up in third place for EV adoption and preparedness, in a tie with Switzerland, helped by 1.7% of national market share for EVs, two government incentives (plug-in grants for cars and vans) and just over 2,800 charging points installed in the last year.

Norway, traditionally a champion country for EVs, stopped at second place, despite having by far the biggest EV proportion of cars, with 34.7% market share, and three different incentives.

Taking top spot was France, where, despite a market share of just 1.5%, some 12,000 charging points were installed last year. The country coming closest was Germany, with 8,000 charging points installed.

OSV joint company director, Debbie Kirkley, said: “The UK has come in for some criticism in recent years, for the time that it has taken to create the infrastructure necessary to facilitate the switch to more environmentally-friendly vehicles, so it’s quite a pleasant surprise to find that we are now ranked joint third for electric vehicle preparedness and adoption. However, it should not lead to complacency.”

“The fact that France – Paris, in particular – has struggled so terribly with air pollution in recent years may account for the French Government’s serious investment in electric charging points. But, while it may seem disproportionate, given the country’s current market share, it could be a canny business move of the ‘if you build it, they will come’ variety. People will only start buying – or renting – electric vehicles in significant numbers if they can be confident in their ability to charge them wherever they go. For the moment, the French are really powering ahead in that area.”

“The 2040 petrol and diesel ban will come around faster than we imagine, so it’s great to see the future electric cars selection increasing to provide for the demand. From small electric cars to electric SUVs leading brands are providing for all.”