Kestra partners with eMoney Advisor

Kestra partners with eMoney Advisor

Kestra Financial, an independent advisor platform, has signed an agreement to offer eMoney Advisor’s financial planning platform to enhance its integrative technology offerings to its advisers.

The company is planning to launch its integrated client portal and financial planning solution in the second quarter of this year, which will be powered by eMoney’s wealth management technology.

Kestra Financial said it will give all its advisers direct access to trading and account level details.

eMoney’s client portal will offers clients of Kestra Financial advisors a real-time, on-demand financial experience.

The other features of the platform include self-registration and onboarding, mobile web access, account aggregation and organization, and unlimited, secure document storage.

Kestra Financial CEO James Poer said: “Kestra Financial’s partnership with eMoney will allow our advisers access to a state-of-the-art technology experience that will be a huge value-add for their clients.

“We selectively partner with sophisticated, upstream advisers, and are committed to helping them deepen their relationships with clients. Our upgraded platform – powered by eMoney – will allow our advisers to build even more collaborative relationships as they attract, retain and engage with their clients.”

eMoney head of business development Stephen Langlois said: “We’re confident that Kestra Financial’s advisers will soon find that the new integrated tech platform provides the support and cutting-edge tools to scale and grow their businesses.”