MetLife partners with AXA in tele-consult initiative

MetLife partners with AXA in tele-consult initiative

American insurer MetLife has partnered with French counterpart AXA to make the latter’s teleconsultation service available to its US employees travelling to international destinations.

AXA will provide the teleconsultation service through its business unit called AXA Partners.

Using the new service, MetLife staff travelling outside the US and Canada will be able to avail face-to-face virtual consultations with US licensed physicians round the clock and receive medical advice, treatment options, and provider referrals.

AXA’s virtual platform will facilitate text, audio or video communication with physicians, offering users a registration system, virtual waiting room, storage of medical history, and discharge instructions.

Users of the platform will also gain access to prescriptions globally as well as a get a direct referral to AXA’s provider network.

The new service is part of MetLife’s existing travel assistance offering and will not charge any additional fee.

MetLife vice president of small business solutions Jessica Moser said: “Consumers today expect immediate information when they have a problem or a need – and this is especially true when it comes to their health.

“Employers that recognise the demand for instantaneous care will not only keep their overseas employees happy and productive, but it will go a long way in terms of attracting and retaining top talent as well.”