TransNational Payments rolls out new payment API

TransNational Payments has unveiled a new payment API called Pi.

TransNational Payments rolls out new payment API

The new solution, developed using JSON, enables users to access a “Simple Quick Dip EMV Solution” in one integration.

TransNational Payments EVP Mark London said: “Our Pi APi was developed using JSON, which we believe makes it unique and more agile since it’s natively spoken by all web browsers and JavaScript engines, meaning any web browser or web-based technology can speak directly to the gateway.”

Pi APi stores all terminal transactions in the gateway.  It also eases the setup process by phasing out the requirement for counter-top and mobile devices to navigate around a firewall.

Moreover, the new solution leverages machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious transactions.

TransNational Payments president Jae Haas said: “Business owners and software vendors were put in a tough position when the EMV liability shift came into play, unfortunately card networks didn’t fully understand the aftermath from an integrator perspective. Business owners were expected to adhere to these new rules and now weren’t protected if there was a dispute if they did not dip the card versus swipe the card.

“It has become extremely difficult for developers to make the transition from card swipe to chip methods, the technical labyrinth you have to navigate takes extensive coding hours and a structural renegotiation, this has been a huge point of frustration.”