iProov unveils latest facial biometric technology

iProov unveils latest facial biometric technology

iProov, a provider of facial verification technology for secure onboarding, logon and authentication, has launched the latest version of its ID Matcher product.

The ID Matcher product aims to make it easier for banks to onboard new customers. 

The latest version of the product ends the need for the user to download an app to verify themselves as part of a bank’s onboarding process. The verification procedure, which authenticates a user against their ID document, can be run from the user’s mobile web browser. 

This app-less version of ID Matcher fits within iProov’s suite of products, which can assure banks, governments and businesses that a returning user is genuine, and guard users against fraudulent attempts to gain access to personal data or use a stolen identity. 

iProov has ten patents in the UK and US. Its Flashmark technology works by a process of controlled illumination to detect spoofs, such as photographs, images on screens and replayed recordings of live users. It does so in an accessible way, with a user experience that is easy to understand and use. 

The system was recently tested by a US federal agency, which reported that in over 600 attempts, they did not successfully spoof iProov’s system.

If this technology was implemented by insurance companies it could help with their verification process. As this product is user friendly and quick, it could possibly help with customer engagement in the first instance by simplifying the processes of signing up for a policy.

With this product being browser based, it means that customers are not obliged to download an app they may only use a couple of times before deleting it from their phones to then revert to traditional methods of verification.