UIT Investing introduces new dedicated unit investment trust research platform

UIT Investing introduces new dedicated unit investment trust research platform

Illinois-based investment adviser UIT Investing has unveiled its first unit investment trust (UIT) research platform to offer detailed research reports on UIT strategies for investing professionals.

The platform will serve financial advisers, investment advisers, research analysts, portfolio managers, and individual investors, offering them research reports for a subscription.

The reports will highlight each trust’s investment objective and security selection strategy, as well as the assets within the trust. They will be rated for performance, risk and expense, on time periods of three, five, and 10 years.

UIT Investing co-founder and CEO Randy Watts said: “UITs are an underutilised investment product that don’t receive the exposure and attention that other packaged products like mutual funds, closed-end funds, and exchange traded funds get. Nonetheless, the UIT industry is a multi-billion dollar asset industry and numerous advisers who direct their client’s assets into these investments need a place to quickly and easily retrieve detailed UIT information and ratings.”

Subscribed clients will not be charged for gaining access to view basic UIT information including trust description and classification, and its investment objectives.

However, in order to view detailed multi-page reports and the proprietary ratings of each UIT, clients will have to pay a subscription fee.

“Our ratings are driven by hard data. Numbers don’t lie and that’s why we take a quantitative approach to our research. Sponsor fact sheets and offering documents typically include a listing and weighting of all trust securities, but our ratings are what make our research invaluable to UIT investors,” Watts added.