Elavon partners PPRO to facilitate cross-border payments

Elavon has teamed up with PPRO Group, a UK-based e-payments firm, to offer international alternative payment methods (APMs) to its clients.

Elavon partners PPRO to facilitate cross-border payments

PPRO said that the partnership will enable Elavon to boost its existing European acquiring service and allow its users to select their preferred local payment method for online purchases.

Users will be allowed to choose from more than 50 payment options such as direct debit, bank transfers, cash-based e-payments, and e-wallets.

PPRO chief sales officer Ronnie d’Arienzo said: “Merchants must be aware of the local payment preferences in different countries to meet their customers’ needs and reap the rewards of cross border sales. There is life beyond credit cards. Customers want to use their preferred payment methods, otherwise they will simply shop elsewhere.

“We are really pleased to be in partnership with Elavon to help its customers provide local and international payment methods to their cross-border customers and ultimately become global retailers.”

Elavon Europe general manager Hannah Fitzsimons added: “We are excited to be partnering with PPRO, an expert in APMs, to provide the largest selection of payment options for our customers so their customers can shop seamlessly online across borders.”